The Complete XenoGene™ System

The Acceptor Array

Yeast strains missing one copy of an essential gene or one copy each of a synthetic lethal pair. The strains are engineered so that the remaining copy of the resident essential gene can be replaced by an incoming gene on a vector plasmid.

The Haploid Vector

This is a plasmid vector into which the foreign Xenogenes are cloned and placed in the Acceptor Array cells.

The XenoGene™ Array

Cells derived from the Acceptor Array containing "target" foreign genes cloned in the Haploid Vector. The cells are dependent on the foreign gene for growth. The foreign gene's function can be identified by the yeast function it replaces.

Because the gene functions in a cellular context, we can develop assays not possible with purified proteins in vitro.

XenoGene™ Complementation
Gene Discovery and XenoGene™ Array Construction