Acceptor Array

CompleGen is developing an array of Acceptor strains that will cover about 3500 genes. Some of these genes can be replaced by several distinct human genes, for example, members of gene families, so we can develop several thousand target XenoGene™ strains.

XenoGene™ Strains

XenoGene™ strains, dependent on different foreign genes for growth are being constructed for use in drug discovery by CompleGen and its clients. Human, mouse, plant and pathogen XenoGene™ Arrays are under construction.

Drug Discovery

CompleGen is providing Berlex Biosciences with XenoGene™ strains containing various human genes for HT screening. The Acceptor Array Strains include both essentials and synthetic lethals.

CompleGen has begun a gene and compound discovery programs to find new nonhormonal contraceptives. This and a second program to establish systems to discover new anti­parasite drugs are supported by SBIR grants. The XenoGene™ system is especially useful in these programs because it allows one to easily docomparative compound screening to find compounds that act on a target protein but not on a closely related protein. For example, one can find compounds that act on a parasite protein but not on a structurally similar, functionally homologous host protein.