CompleGen Provides Targets for Product Discovery

The discovery of specifically acting chemicals is central to the success of product discovery and development in the pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical industries. This process requires the identification of targets for drugs or AgChem products. These targets are not genes but the products of genes, proteins. CompleGen's system uses genes to "isolate" drug targets so they function in cells in a way that allows us to identify compounds that act very specifically on a given target and not other targets.

CompleGen offers a new approach to drug discovery. We are a research stage company applying a basic genetic approach to discover new genes, the biochemical function of genes and drugs that act specifically on the proteins encoded by the genes. Our system allows us to identify genes from any organism (fungi to humans) according to their functional proteins and simultaneously build assays to screen thousands of chemicals to find ones that act specifically act on a given target.

In the "post-genomic" era of drug discovery, function The CompleGen XenoGene™ System is a direct approach to drug discovery starting from the gene target.