Welcome to CompleGen

We are an early stage biopharmaceutical company that is applying a proprietary system to discover novel biologically active chemicals.Our system is used to build compound discovery systems for a broad range of therapeutic targets for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as efficient cost-effective product discovery systems for the agricultural industry.

We have discovered, developed, and patented a powerful process for gene replacement in yeast. We can transplant target genes from essentially any species (fungi to humans) so that the yeast grows only if it receives a foreign gene that functionally replaces a missing yeast gene.

Our technology has been used to:

  • Isolate novel genes encoding targets for drug discovery
  • Identify the biochemical function of genes
  • Isolate genes from difficult to grow organisms (plant and animal parasites, fungal pathogens) by functional gene replacement
  • Develop High Throughput Screening (HTS) assays to screen compound libraries to find compounds that act very selectively

Our XenoGene™ system enables the discovery of new products by linking the massive amount of "genomic" information generated over the past decade with the chemical compound libraries constructed with new synthetic methodologies.

Our strategic mission is to become a premier drug discovery company by using our technology to discover and/or develop therapeutic targets, discover compounds that act on the targets, and collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry to do clinical development to the medicinal product stage.

CompleGen has an agreement to supply a major pharmaceutical company with assay systems.

We have also received three SBIR grants to support our own programs for drug discovery.

CompleGen has organized a management and scientific staff that has been very successful in biotechnology and academic science.

Interested parties are invited to contact us.